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"Art defines itself, the moment it is seen and discovered.
No need to invent a style as a means to satisfy reason’s discourse.
My art is a celestial symphony that can be seen, it is a musical offering to sight."



Eternal Alcyone “Solar winds”, vertical view “Solar winds”, horizontal view


“Bursts” “Ocean of multitudes” Voyage


“Variation of infinities” “Valley of a thousand suns” “Oracle of the Cepheids” “The eclipse”


“Cristal awakening” “Global vision” “Meditation facing the transcendental door” “Fusion”


“Archipelago of the seven suns” Méditation “Golden breath” “Eternal mandala”


“Advent” “Whitewater fountain” “The Jade door” “Spiritual vessel”


“Lunar clouds” “Celestial symphony”

Art by © François SCHLESSER, All rights reserved