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An autodidact in all of his endeavors, François Schlesser began painting in 1986 after an epiphanic experience. Propelled by a flash of certainty inspired by a detail in a masterpiece painting, he realized that painting is his ideal form of expression, and that he could immediately embark upon a journey in this extraordinary world. Something in him had been aroused, and suddenly it became very clear that he absolutely had to paint the incredible images occupying his mind. After this epiphanic moment, things evolved very quickly. François started resonating with the universe as of his very first painting. Pushed by a powerful inner force, doors started opening as fast as his intentions, as if the universe were bending over backwards to organize for him--in a flash--the life of a painter of clouds and stars. François entered a period of self-discovery, and it was his own painting that indicated to him what was occurring in his inner world. The most incredible thing for him is that the manifestations making up his own reality seemed to be directly related to his innermost feelings. For the first time ever, he realized his connection to and reliance on the universe.

A few paintings later, François would muse: “Painting is like a magic mirror in which manifestations of the infinite appear. The less our personality leaves its traces upon the mirror, the more the infinite is revealed, the more the vision is clear and pure.”

Long passionate about astronomy, quantum physics and cosmology, there is nothing astonishing about the fact that François’s mirror has been bathed in the light of these suns and interstellar spaces so dear to his heart since his artistic beginnings. The visions partly committed to memory in his oil paintings seem to be the product of a connection with the multi-dimensionality of the world and the infinite. One thing is certain: painting in this way has required him to develop great patience and the clear mind needed to remain focused on his objectives. The more immaculate his mirror is, the more these qualities emerge, which for François means that time ceases to exist when he paints, allowing him to achieve his magnificent works.

If you meet this painter one day and ask him his age, he may reply “13.7 billion--just like you, because that is how long it took the universe to create a human being.”

François’s painting is a message addressed to whoever resonates with it.


“...Art defines itself as soon as it is observed. No need to invent a style to satisfy the discourse of reason.

My painting is a celestial symphony that can be seen: music offered up to the eyes…”

François Schlesser